The Worldwide Mail Authority                        

    The Worldwide Mail Authority                        

Geopost makes major efforts to establish alliances with partners who are able to align themselves to
the following criteria:

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Innovation

  • High Performance

  • Flexibility

  • Commitment

Geopost customers benefit from our special relationship with the USPS. Being a licensed representative, Geopost benefits from the alliance by offering special discounts, a USPS authorized computerized manifest system, overnight gateway services and US Postal permit applied for identical or non-identical mailings.

Geopost is a heavy user of US Monitor, and our customers have advantage of the best and most accurate method for tracking international mail to date. US Monitor literally returns seed mail to Geopost weekly, providing us with the best record of transit times available in international mailing.


Geopost uses Pitney Bowes equipment that is customized to our international mailing needs. We enjoy a long relationship, have upgraded twice and are most familiar with the quality services Pitney Bowes can render.


Geopost also has a working relationship with Ascom Hasler, who has  customized equipments for us and offers excellent service.

Line Hauls -
Our overnight services to the USPS Gateways have been some of the most reliable services with no failures and dependable timely communications. Other line hauls are matched with the highest quality carrier alignments available.

Pickups -
Again, our alliances provide for flawless services, and understanding the imperatives of timely deliveries, Geopost enjoys services that are tailored to our customers needs nationwide.

National Facilities -
Through another critical alliance, Geopost can offer processing for International USPS mail services from PA and CA. With a 24 hour turn time and overnight deliveries to the corresponding Gateways, this gives Geopost ability to offer comprehensive services to customers across the country.

Online Processing -
Geopost has also aligned with a business partner who affords us the ability to offer online processing for certain mailing requirements. Again, this service can be tailored to very specific needs (i.e., International Express Mail), and is authorized by the USPS.

Consulting Services -
Geopost not only offers consulting services specific to mailing logistics, but we are also working toward partnerships with national organizations who specialize in direct marketing and/or international logistics.

International Shipping -
Geopost partners with several worldwide logistics companies, and we can arrange cost effective solutions for our customers as necessary.


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