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Who would want to use Geopost?
Any business who has international mail or parcel needs and would like to increase performance and reduce costs at the same time.

Who are Geopost regular customers?
Banking and financial institutions, universities, telecommunications companies, non-profit organizations, credit card services, direct marketing firms, trade show promoters and billing operations are some of our customers.

Where will Geopost process my mail?
Geopost's headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia and we can also accept mail in Pennsylvania and California for overnight expediting.

Where does my mail go from the processing centers?
Depending on your requested service level, your mail will be dispatched within 24 hours via a US Postal Service gateway or can be sent directly overseas, overnight.

Will my mail to South America, for example, have to go to Europe for processing before it goes to its final destination?
No. Your mail to South America will be processed in our US facility and delivered directly to the country in South America.

How is Geopost able to offer discounts for international mail?
Geopost is able to gain discounts through strategic alliances with the US Postal Service and other international postal services.

How can our mail get a discount when we require a US postmark?
Geopost is a licensed representative of the US Postal Service "PQW" program, which allows us to use our US postal permit on identical and non-identical international mailings.

How do I get rates for my mail?
Go to the quote request page and you will find that our consultancy sales method can customize a program specific to your mailing needs or contact us direct and an International Sales Specialist will help you.

How does my mail get to Geopost?
Geopost will arrange a local pick up for your mail via our courier network or we can make other arrangements based on your specific needs.

How does Geopost handle my returned mail?
Your returned mail will initially be minimized based on Geopost's presorting which will detect many bad addresses. Any returned mail will be directed per your request and can be returned to you for list correction purposes.

What other benefits are there when my mail goes with Geopost?
* You will be able to refocus your labor on your primary business.
* You will reduce your bottom line expenses.
* Our simple procedure will bring you the relief of knowing that your international mail is processed strictly according to international postal regulations.
* Your mail is sent overnight directly into the gateway.
* You will benefit from the expertise of over 90 years of international shipping, mailing and supply chain management experience.
* The best customer service in the industry.
* You will finally have a partner who will look out your interests on a consistent basis.

What can I expect service-wise after I give Geopost my mail?
You can expect:
* Any updates, discrepancies or corrections to be communicated to you with appropriate sense of urgency.
* You will have one point of contact who can handle any inquiry.
* Proof of posting on request.
* Manifest information.
* Transit time feedback as requested.
* A totally simplified process.

What will I have to do to start using Geopost?
You will want to contact us to determine your custom service package, determine when and where your first pick up will be and we will take from there...


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